Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where the Hipsters Roll Like Children

As Pocketbooks have just made their new song "Summertime" available on the Indietracks blog, I thought I might as well go ahead and do my summer mixtape. Usually it's a stretch to find enough hits with 'summer' in the title (especially when limiting yourself to songs you haven't used for previous ones). But this year I found myself with such a wealth of summer hits (a scan for 'summer' threw up well over 100 files!) that I had to spread them out over two cds. And both are much better than my average summer mix! What's the difference between them then? Well, I put all the jangle/sunshine/girlgroup/psych ones on the first cd and the ones that were just... pop on the second. I'm going to upload these as zip-archives with pdf covers as soon as possible. But there's sort of a hook... I'm going to force you to choose between them! You send me an email and I'll give you the password for the archive you've downloaded. I know what you're thinking... don't even try using different email accounts! To make the choice easier you can read the tracklistings by clicking on the covers below to enlarge them, and I can tell you that I will personally take most pleasure in listening to the psych one.

CLOUD 59A V/A - A Summer Melting (My Mind)

CLOUD 59B V/A - A Summer Spelling (It)
Picked one? The email address is in the sidebar and covers are here and here.


brogues said...

These look great! That Ross Hannaman song still makes me cry. I just shivered thinking about it.

Andres said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting your mixes. I'm set for the weekend!

Pierre said...

Hello, I can't open the rar files (password asked) any clue ?

The Boy and the Cloud said...

try reading a bit here...


Anonymous said...

please password

great blog

saludos from valencia spain

Anonymous said...

please password

great blog

saludos from valencia spain

The Boy and the Cloud said...

just read the instructions!

Anonymous said...

non english
spanish please

alfie said...

Hi how are you? ... I would like to know your email, to download the two volumes.
Excellent blog!


The Boy and the Cloud said...

as it says, the address is in the sidebar (at the top), AND you can only choose one mix :)


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