Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hard Sounds For Gentle People

The cruelty continues. Here's another compilation you won't get... unless you turn up at the next Don't Die On My Doorstep night with flyer in hand! Or you can pray that we'll have some spares.

CLOUD 60 V/A - Same Drum

1. Comet Gain – The Kids At the Club
2. Saturday Looks Good to Me – I Wish I Could Cry
3. Thee Midniters – Jump, Jive and Harmonize
4. The Untamed – Kids Take Over
5. The E-Types – So I Hang On
6. The School – I Don't Believe In Love
7. Mika Miko – Sleepover Slumber Party
8. Betty Davis and the Balconettes – God of Hate
9. Tiger Trap – Baby Blue
10. Would-Be-Goods – Pinstriped Rebel
11. The Very Most – Spilt, Spilt Milk
12. The Catalysts – Where the Rainbow Ends
13. The Claim – Mary Stavin
14. The Rain Parade – What She's Done to Your Mind (7” version)
15. The Ropers – Transparent Day
16. Paul Chastian – Am I Right
17. #Poundsign# – Disaster
18. The Parcels – Oh, What a Busy Day
19. Vivian Girls – Going Insane
20. Slow Club – Run to Ur Grave


andy said...

how/where do I get hold of a flyer?

The Boy and the Cloud said...

you'll get one once their printed - don't worry!

Jeremy Jensen (The Very Most) said...

Thanks for including us! You guys are the best!