Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On the E-List

People have been exclaiming 'eeeeeee!' all over the internet in excitement over Indietracks. Is it really happening again? How are we going to be able to see all those bands in two days? With three stages this time, gigs will inevitably clash. Here's my list of what I'm most looking forward to. Please don't let these clash, Stuart! Otherwise the cloning will be a fact.

1. The Manhattan Love Suicides
2. The Zebras
3. The Wave Pictures
4. Esiotrot
5. The Lodger
6. The Voluntary Butler Scheme
7. Gregory Webster
8. Comet Gain
9. The Wedding Present
10. The Just Joans
11. Still Corners
12. The Smittens
13. Liechtenstein
14. Milky Wimpshake
15. The Occasional Flickers
16. The Good Natured

I'm quite sure about the first ten at least. Any glaring omissions/undeservingly low placements might be because I've seen some bands before. But, anyway: eeeeeeeee! Scheduling will be worse than purgatory... I don't even want to think about it.