Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Esurient For Change

These flyers are printed tomorrow, but there won't be much time to distribute them... Therefore you can print this and bring it along, if you want a copy of the cd!

Also I've decided not to have a club night in July, mainly because I'll be at Rip It Up, Indietracks and then in Glasgow. Perhaps I can do something in Glasgow instead? The next one will thus be on August 30th, and we might have a guest for that already. Brogues will be coming back to do a set at So Tough! So Cute! the weekend before, so if you're planning a trip to Malmö that would be a good week.

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brogues said...

Glasgow again? Is there no end to your globe-trotting?! Maybe you could do a star DJ turn at the Je Suis Animal/Wake The President show? If you're in Glasgow that night, of course :)