Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tapes For Tea

I foolishly missed The Ruby Suns the other week, because they came on so early. I mean, it said 7 pm on the website but no one trusts Debaser and their stage times anymore. At least I got to chat with them for a bit and they were very nice and tired. Well, I confess going to the show had more to do with the free entry and their home being New Zealand, rather than having listened to new album Sea Lions on repeat endlessly. Other good reasons might have been that their singer's surname is McPhun and that they're on the Lil' Chief label, which has a Sinistereen among their ranks. Anyway, there's a fair chance I get to see them in Auckland next year.

Thankfully, I managed to catch another early gig today. San Francisco-based (although SF, CA on the poster might have led some to believe they were Finnish-Canadian) duo Eats Tapes visited the Krets gallery, playing early due to football being on screen in the park nearby at 9 pm. I sure didn't see anyone in yellow and blue, throats itching to belt out some unintelligible chants! Eats Tapes were very cute and well-behaved, and didn't show any signs of munching away at the equipment at all once we turned our backs. They had heard that people didn't dance in Malmö, but we showed them what complete nonsense that was. As I read they are used to roof parties in Brooklyn and the like, I don't think they had very high hopes for the twenty or so people who had turned up. They even started out with having everyone participate in a Rock, Scissors, Bag tournament. The winner got one each of all of their merchandise, but I folded in the final alas. Beaten, I didn't feel much like dancing myself but their crazy, rather twee, and as far from minimal as imaginable techno had me and the rest of the crowd moving in scarce five minutes. After a 15 minute set, with VISUALS and SMOKE, they'd turned the tiny white cube into a teatime micro-rave, as someone aptly described it. With no oxygen left and the windows worse fogged-up than when The Hepburns played there in mid-winter, everyone shouted for more. So they continued for another quarter of an hour!

You know, the funniest thing happened right in the middle of everything... An old gentleman with flappy cap on his head walked in the door carrying a flower plucked from a tree in his hand. He proceeded to do the rounds, letting everyone smell the flower, then handed it to the nearest person, bowed and skipped along back to the door. I don't know if anyone managed to capture the mystery guest on film, so in the meantime you'll have to make do with a photo from the Sumi Ink Club exhibition last year (taken by Jonatan Jacobson).

Oh, if you're after the new DDOMD flyers, I left some next door at Café Glassfabriken. There will also be a handful at UFF, Rundgång, På Besök, Musik & Konst and various other places tomorrow.


andy said...

guh, can't believe I missed Eats Tapes.

Andres said...

The Ruby Suns is now on rotation here at home! Never heard em before your post and I'm grateful again!

BTW I'm playing your A Summer Spelling It at work and there's about 8 of us greatly enjoying it! It's working out well for a summer in San Francisco!

i'd be honored if you checked out my last post at! It's a 20 trck mix in response to a new Music and Sleep experiment in Japan. It's a good Nap time comp