Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Your Mind's Somewhere Else But Your Lips Are Smiling

I'm surprised it's already a year since I moved back to Sweden, and since I started writing this. And I'm even more surprised when people tell me they're actually reading it. I would have done it anyway, but thanks... I guess! There's too much POP to keep up with these days so we can all use some help. Like when I yesterday checked in to Slumberland's site, only to find that Mike has JUST announced that no.s 3 and 4 of Searching For the Now are ready for pre-order now. "Come Saturday" by the Pains should be enough for anyone to scrape together the $7 for the two split-7"s, but they also hold new songs from The Sunny Street, A Sunny Day In Glasgow (Pastels cover, yay!) and Summer Cats from Australia whom I am starting to like more and more. Also, I can't wait to see that artwork up close! And if you haven't listened to ISY#3 yet, now is a good time boys and girls. Who needs twee handclaps when there are summertime handclaps? Move your feet to the beat.

With the latest CLOUD post we've reached 50 on this blog, and as I did a review after the 86 DROPs on my old blog I think it's time to do the same here. It might also be interesting for you to know that you are not alone. Here's the Top Ten From Pop Heaven.

1. The Foxgloves - I Dreamt Love Was a Crime (217 dls)
2. The Pussywillows - The Boat That I Row (200 dls)
3. Strawberry Fair - Give Up (186 dls)
4. Les Calamités - Le supermarché (115 dls)
5. The Chemistry Set - The Dreams That I Saw Yesterday (112 dls)

The Deirdres - Fun to Pretend (112 dls)
6. The Draytones - As High As I Can (102 dls)

7. Pencil Tin - Smile (95 dls)
8. Apple Orchard - Dreaming (As the Summer Fades) (93 dls)
All My Friends - Think of Rain (93 dls)

9. The Castaway Stones - My Friend Bobby (86 dls)
10. Days - A Part of the World (82 dls)

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team isy said...

Hey ... thanks for the mention! It was fascinating to see your list of most popular downloads. Way to go Foxgloves, eh?! As I'm sure you'll agree, ASDIG covering The Pastels sounds like a GREAT idea!

cheers, Team ISY (Scottish Secretary)