Friday, June 27, 2008

I Buy What the Sunshine Sells Me

I just got my splits from SLR! No. 3 is on white vinyl and has one of the best Sunny Street songs so far. On the other side A Sunny Day In Glasgow gives The Pastels' "Sometimes I Think About You" and electronic reworking. I'll get to see them soon - in Glasgow as a matter of fact.

But my favourite is no. 4, because the sleeve (printed with an oldschool letterpress) is even cooler and it's on grey vinyl. Then of course there's the fact that "Come Saturday" by The Pains of Being Pure At Heart is just about one of the best singles of the year and it sounds better than ever on record. Summer Cats take possession of the other side with the near Earthmen-buzz of "Let's Go!". This Australian band seems to have a busy release schedule, and there'll be more on them already in the next post!