Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm In Love With a Boy I Know Is a Sexist

I've found lately that more people are into Po! from Rutland than I imagined when I first thought about posting this. Still, there's must be someone out there who hasn't heard them. I only had the Grains of Sand EP until recently, when I found out about the compilation on Elefant that includes all their single tracks (with a few exceptions). It's called Past Perfect Tense but is unfortunately out of print. Hopefully a few mailorders still stock it though. This is something I say often, but had it been an album it would have been among my all-time favourites. Ruth Miller who started the band and also ran the Rutland Records label seems like an uncannily talented woman. Not only is her songwriting impeccable, but she also had the unquestionable discernment to steep her compositions in a sparkling coat of 12-string arpeggios. "Confidence" is one of the stand-out tracks, and was originally on the Hopscotch In the Snow flexi - their first release from back in 1988. A guy called Lee commented on Tom's post last year, that most of the records are still available from Rutland Records. However, I can't find a way to contact him/them! So should you come upon this, please get in touch.


Andres said...

That's a great track! "There must be someone out there who hasn't heard them." That's me!
I've become a happy reader of Heavenisabove the past month or so (I've totally Google-readered you). I look forward to all the great music you'll discuss. From over here in SanFrancisco, take care!

fernando said...

hi! there's an email on the label page : . hope that helps

L said...

Couldn't find the email that I received from Rutland, but did locate an address:

Rutland Records
PO! / PO Box 132 / Leicester / LE2 3ZF / UK

I would love to hear Past perfect tense.