Tuesday, June 3, 2008

COIR 006. A 3-Minute Song Is 1 Minute Too Long

How long is the perfect pop song? A perfect song is one you think is too short, I'd say. Have you been following the discussion at Feral Pop Frenzy? Probably not, if you don't know Swedish! At Don't Die On My Doorstep we only play perfect pop songs, and on June 28th Rebecka, who writes at the aforementioned blog, will give us her idea of perfection. She's our guest dj and we're lucky she's coming down from Stockholm that very weekend. In case you'll wish it lasted longer, come with us to So Tough! So Cute! afterwards. It'll be perfect. Right?

It's the first night at På Besök, so we need your support! If you manage to get your hands on a flyer (don't worry, they're not printed yet) and bring it along (in one piece), you'll be rewarded with a copy of CLOUD 60, the nature of which will be announced soon. For everyone unable to get to Sweden we'd like to tell you that there are 5 left of the first set of 100 DDOMD badges! I've saved one of each colour and if anyone wants to claim them I'll post one to you for a pound, which is about the EU postage rate. We'll make new, different ones when we can afford it.


andy said...

hell yes!

Caitlin said...

Kris! Could I claim a badge? :)

I didn't realize I could leave comments without an account, ha.

Jessel said...

Hi Kris....
where do I send yer 1 pound to claim yer badges?