Monday, June 9, 2008

When the Tape Stops

You've had your headphones on all day long. Whilst we walk around the shops I've been talking you've been listening, you've been listening I've been talking. But will you still listen, when the tape stops?

You probably haven't listened enough to Lardpony, have you? Their second album is available for free here! (NB baby not included.) Lardpony is a band you'll see more of at Indietracks, as well as The Wave Pictures, Still Corners and many another tiny wonders. Speaking of festivals, that's usually the only occasion for which my mixtapes are actually recorded to tape. Last year I made one for Rip It Up, but I've only played it twice or so. So this time, when making one for Rip It Up again, I thought I'd make some unexpected selections, so I'll want to listen to it again at Indietracks (as it says in the sleeve!). It's too bad pop festivals are the only places you're more likely to find tape players than mp3-players these days.
CLOUD 57 V/A - Home Taping Is Killing Me
So this one was real entertaining to make. Like the cover, which has 'a tape worth stealing' debossed across the spine. The tracks were chosen from old tape compilations and other things I don't listen to very often. And a few teasers of bands I'll get to see - like the Zeeeebras, the Weddoes, Magnetic Fields, Wave Pictures of course, and finally... Esiotrot! The text on the cover was printed with a John Bull printing set.

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