Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Hold Your Tongue As She Holds Your Hand

There is enough proof of Dom Mariani's genius for even the most ruthless power pop court in Perth - The Stems (pictured above), DM3, The Stoneage Hearts... he was even in The Summer Suns for a while. But the thing that really nails the lifetime sentence is his partnership with Darryl Mather (The Lime Spiders) in The Someloves. They produced one perfect album (perfected by producer Mitch Easter) called Something Or Other and released in 1989. After all that time spent getting the jangle just right, they must've been devastated that the vinyl was mastered slightly too fast! Not until 2006 when Half a Cow reissued it as a double-disc called Don't Talk About Us: The Real Pop Recordings of the Someloves 1985-89, was this redeemed. This album is the best power pop record I've heard and one of the best examples of janglepop if that was ever a genre! So many perfect songs - their first single "It's My Time" (on the legendary Australian label Citadel) and it's b-side "Don't Talk About Us", "Know You Now"... and this song right here.

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