Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Hand Your Pocket

As you all know, Minisnap is The Bats without Robert Scott. And they are now my top priority to see when I go to New Zealand. Not because Scott's not in the band, but because their new album Bounce Around (great title!) easily outsmarts the latest Bats long-player in the pop playground. It's even better than earlier outings In My Pocket EP (2002) and March Hare EP (2004) led us to believe! The fact that it's the first Minisnap album and the Bats'... sixth, might have something to do with it. But most of all it's to do with Kaye Woodard's unique and always interesting songwriting. In fact this album doesn't sound very 'kiwi' at all, as it lacks the trademark Flying Nun guitar-strum and endlessly rolling beat. The rough guitars and rollicking, bouncy rhythms puts it closer to some Scottish bands, or maybe Australian groups like The Lighthouse Keepers (just to name an ancient one!). The only song that sounds remotely batlike is "Crooked Mile" (not a Honeybunch cover) and it's a beautiful little jangler, but not the best song of the set. Danceability is always an advantage, which puts opener "New Broom" in a fairly promising position. But the song here is "Rehash" because it's great too!

This is all well and good, but you've yet to hear the best part. You, yes you, can own this artifact! And all you have to do is to give their label, Pocket Music, a negligible sum in return - it's as easy as that.

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