Saturday, January 31, 2009

Try to Act As If I Remember My Name

Here are some of my favourite photos from Indietracks and Glasgow last summer, that I should've posted about... six months ago.
The Midland Railway.

Pete and Martijn.

It was quite warm.

Swanwick Junction.

We're not THAT old, are we?

Je Suis Animal at Nice 'n' Sleazys.

The Thanes at Eyes Wide Open.

Bridge over the Clyde.

Gibson Street pavement.

Ulric Kennedy at the Halt.

Calvin Johnson in a church.

The Just Joans at The Flying Duck.

Morning train to Prestwick, window view.


jennifer said...

Looking back to summer 2008! Those were exceptionally good times.

I particularly like the exhausted/surely dehydrated picture of the pink dress girl, the caption on the picture of Harvey, Gregory, etc., the green dress of Je Suis bassist, the fading Lung Leg graffiti, and the classic glamour girl looks of Katie Just Joans.

brogues said...

Oh my...some great shots and some reminders of truly happy days! How great were The Thanes that night?! And your DDOMD night at The Flying Duck was an undoubted hightlight of 2008.