Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Neither of Us May Understand We Can Still Explore

I can already announce that my favourite man of 2009 is Lisle Mitnik from Chicago! Look, he's left-handed too! He hasn't done much as Fireflies lately, although the Cherry Blossom Girl 7" has now finally come out on Colm's Papillons Noir (hopefully followed by the Help Stamp Out Loneliness single soon!). But actually he's been even busier than before. Fact is that he plays in both of my new favourite bands: Very Truly Yours and Two If By Sea.

Very Truly Yours (orignally called The Clovers) are essentially The Lorimer Sound without their main man Christopher. Lisle's delicious guitar-playing is now at the front, perfectly complementing Kristine's multi-layered vocals. I've listened to all their songs three times over today already, and I'll do the same tomorrow. They've just released their first ep - a split with The Understudies, available from Cloudberry now. They also have a track on WeePOP!'s first release of the year: a 'new beginnings' themed 7-track compilation, and they should've started shipping the pre-orders by now! It also has a new track from Horowitz, showcasing what is kind of a new direction for them. Let's say it's less Bubblegum Splash! and more Pavement! Check it our here.

Lisle is also one half of Two If By Sea, together with Teresa who should be familiar from The Haircuts and Junebug. I don't know which band I like best yet. Two If By Sea is much more laidback, and perhaps closer to Fireflies but with female vocals. But most of all they sound like The Cat's Miaow, and maybe a bit like the excellent Marine Time Keepers. No releases yet, but it'll happen eventually.

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Matt said...

agreed! Lisle is fanastic! I'm pretty sure that I'm quite more in love with two if by sea than very truly yours though. as teresa said, bring on the cat's miaow revival!