Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Umbrella Cemetery

I need to clear the list of 2008 releases in the sidebar to make room for this year's stuff, so I'll just post the whole thing here for reference. Please note that I won't add any more releases to this, even though I'm sure to find records from 2008 that I missed!


Vivian Girls - s/t (Mauled By Tigers)
The Airfields - Up All Night (Humblebee)
The Autumn Leaves - Long Lost Friend (April Dabbler)
Crystal Stilts - Alight of Night (Slumberland)
The Wave Pictures - Instant Coffee Baby (Moshi Moshi)
The Lodger - Life Is Sweet (Slumberland)
Je Suis Animal - Self-Taught Magic From a Book (Perfect Pop)
Finally Punk - s/t (self-released)
Pas/cal - I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura (Le Grand Magistery)
Bubblegum Lemonade - Doubleplusgood (Matinée)
Minisnap - Bounce Around (Pocket Music)
Ballboy - I Worked On the Ships (Pony Proof)
Twig - Life After Ridge (Plastilina)
Times New Viking - Rip It Off (Matador)
Eat Skull - Sick to Death (Siltbreeze)
Ponies In the Surf - See You Happy (Darla)
Beach House - Devotion (Carpark)
Would-Be-Goods - Eventyr (Matinée)
Apple Orchard - Half-Steps Toward Bright Skies (Haymarket)
The Forbidden Tigers - Magnetic Problems (Dead Beat)
Crushed Stars - Gossamer Days (Simulacra)
The Occasional Keepers - True North (LTM)
Action Biker - Hesperian Puisto (Friendly Noise)
The Fallen Leaves - It's Too Late Now (Parliament)
Tears Run Rings - Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never (Clairecords)
The Vermont Sugar House - Carlton Gardens (Firestation)
Julie Ocean - Long Gone and Nearly There (Transit of Venus)
Soda Fountain Rag - It's Rag Time! (Yesboyicecream)
The Draytones - Up In My Head (1965)
Sarandon - Kill Twee Pop! (Slumberland)
Lardpony - The Greatest Invention Ever (self-released)
Slow Down Tallahassee - The Beautiful Light (Thee SPC)
The Bridal Shop - From Seas (Magic Marker)
This Is Ivy League - s/t (Twentyseven)
The Very Most - Congratulations Forever (Coming In Second)
The Smittens - The Coolest Thing About Love (Happy Happy Birthday to Me)
The Whitsundays - s/t (Friendly Fire)
Cars Can Be Blue - Doubly Unbeatable (Happy Happy Birthday to Me)
Los Punsetes - LP (Gramaciones Grabofónicas)
Celestial - Crystal Heights (Lavender)
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Looking Into It (AGSFB)
(The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope - All This Heaven (?)
Boy Genius - Anchorage (self-released)
Wild Billy Childish & the MBEs - Thatcher's Children (Damaged Goods)
The Lucksmiths - First Frost (Matinée)
The Guild League - Speak Up (Matinée)
The Primary 5 - High Five (Neon Tetra)
Boyracer - Sunlight Is the Best Antiseptic (555)
Remember Remember - s/t (Rock Action)
Scarlet's Well - Gatekeeper (Siesta)
Las Escarlatinas - Al galope (Siesta)
Blackberry Wine/The Local Heroes - Museums For Memories (Series Two)
No Age - Nouns (Sub Pop)
Cocoanut Groove - Madeleine Street (Fridlyst)
Love Is All - A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night (What's Your Rupture?)
Sun Kil Moon - April (Caldo Verde)
Stereolab - Chemical Chords (4AD)
Wetdog - Enterprise Reversal (Angular)
The Charade - Keeping Up Appearances (Skipping Stones)
Uni & the Ding! String Trio - As Gold (Unimusic/The Orchard)
Robert Forster - The Evangelist (Tuition)
Wavves - s/t (Woodsist)
The Explorers Club - Freedom Wind (Dead Oceans)
Black Time - Double Negative (In the Red)
Brent Cash - How Will I Know If I'm Awake (Marina)
Lucky Dragons - Dream Island Laughing Language (Marriage)
The Bats - The Guilty Office (Arch Hill)

Compilations & Reissues
caUSE co-MOTION! - It's Time! (Slumberland)
The Motifs - Cross Paths (Knock Yr. Socks Off)
The Manhattan Love Suicides - Burnt Out Landscapes (Squirrel)
Comet Gain - Broken Record Prayers (Milou)
Belle & Sebastian - The BBC Sessions (Jeepster)
Jay Reatard - Matador Singles '08 (Matador)

Jay Reatard -
Singles 06-07 (In the Red)
The Summer Suns - Greatest (House of Wax)
Sic Alps - A Long Way Around to a Shortcut (Animal Disguise)
Second-Hand Furniture - Game, Set, Match... (Plastilina)
Various - Country Music - Songs For Keith Girdler (Siesta)
Dear Nora - Three States : Rarities 1997-2007 (Magic Marker)
Brittle Stars - s/t (Ruined Potential 10" reissue)
Shop Assistants - Will Anything Happen (Cherry Red reissue)
The Factory - Path Through the Forest (Guerssen)
Bluetrain - Some Greater Love (Plastilina)
Men of Westenesse - Are You Brothers? (Firestation)
Friends - Single Friends (Summerhouse)
Mo-Dettes - The Story So Far (Cherry Red)
The Laughing Apple - The Ha Ha Hee Hee! E.P. (Edition 59 reissue)
The Bright Lights - Drunker Than You Since '002 (555)
Tommy Roe - Paisley Dreams (Rev-Ola double reissue)
The Parade - Sunshine Girl: The Complete Recordings (Rev-Ola)

Singles & EPs
Days - Downhill (Shelflife EP)
The School - Let It Slip (Elefant EP)
The First Division - On the City (Cloudberry EP)
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You (Slumberland 7")
The Lorimer Sound - Greenstreets (WeePOP! EP)
Pocketbooks - Waking Up (Make Do and Mend EP)
All My Friends - Up and Down the River (Slender Means EP)
The Mai 68s - Froth on the Daydream (Cloudberry EP)
The Motifs - Memory's Gone (Edition 59 EP)
The Manhattan Love Suicides - Kessler Syndrome (Squirrel 7")
Sexy Kids - Sisters Are Forever (Slumblerland 7")
The Clientele - That Night, A Forest Grew (Acuarela EP)
Forbidden Tigers - Colonial Freakout (Savage EP)
Liechtenstein - Apathy (Fraction 7")
Moscow Olympics - Cut the World (Lavender EP)
Tyvek - Sidewalk (M'Lady's EP)
Psychedelic Horseshit - New Wave Hippies (Half Machine EP)
Wavves - Beach Demon (Tic Tac Totally 7")
Crystal Stilts - s/t (Woodsist EP)
The Catalysts - Autumn Everywhere (Cloudberry EP)
Strawberry Fair - I Can't Do Anything (Alltid Hela Tiden EP)
Still Corners - Remember Pepper? (Self-released EP)
The Wave Pictures - Just Like a Drummer (Moshi Moshi EP)
Bubblegum Lemonade - Susan's In the Sky (Matinée EP)
Northern Portrait - The Fallen Aristocracy (Matinée EP)
The Budgies - Teatercaféet (Cosy EP)
The Just Joans - Hey Boy...You're Oh So Sensitive! (WeePOP! EP)
The Carrots - Beverly (Elefant EP)
Catwalk - Past Afar (YAY! 7")
Northern Portrait - Napoleon Sweetheart (Matinée EP)
The Garlands - s/t (Cosy/Cloudberry EP)
Kuryakin - Still Here (Shelflife EP)
The Tartans - Cats of Camerford (YAY! 7")
The Carrots - Doing Our Part (Elefant EP)
One Happy Island - Pulaski Park (WeePOP! EP)
One Happy Island - Secret Party That the Other Party Doesn't Know About (WeePOP! EP)
Summer Cats - Passion Pop (WeePOP! EP)
The Zebras - New Ways of Risking Our Lives (Lost & Lonesome EP)
Slow Club - Let's Fall Back In Love (Moshi Moshi EP)
The Electric Pop Group - Sunrise (Matinée EP)
Let's Wrestle - In Loving Memory of (Stolen EP)
Apple Orchard - Turning Point (Edition 59 EP)
Let's Whisper - Make Me Smile (WeePOP! EP)
caUSE co-MOTION! - I Lie Awake (Slumberland EP)
Esiotrot/Tiger MCs - Singles Club EP14 (Filthy Little Angels split-7")
Finally Punk - Hypertension (M'Lady's EP)
Vivian Girls - Surf's Up (self-released 7")
The Lil' Hospital - Universe Sucks (Hugpatch 7")
Fireflies - Cherry Blossom Girl (Papillions Noirs)
The Deirdres - Why Do My Glasses Give You the Heeby Jeebys? (Cosy EP)
The Manhattan Love Suicides - Veronica (Squirrel 7")
Horowitz - I Was the Son of a Teenage Comicbook Superhero's Sidekick (Edition 59 EP)
Anthony Rochester - You're a Singer Now (Edition 59 EP)
Phil Wilson - White Night (Edition 59 EP)
The Westfield Mining Disaster - Judy Greer (Edition 59 EP)
The Hermit Crabs - Correspondence Course (Matinée EP)
Vivian Girls - I Can't Stay (In the Red 7")
The Metric Mile - In Praise of Ski Jumpers (Kingsland Territories 7")
Que Possum/Boyracer - split-7" (555)
Minisnap - Whistler (Cloudberry 7")
Je Suis Animal - Painted In My Face
(Cloudberry 7")
Twig - Ciao Ciao Bomb
(Cloudberry 7")
Summer Cats - Lonely Planet
(Cloudberry 7")
The Tartans - My Baby Doesn't Care For You
(Cloudberry 7")
The Westfield Mining Disaster - Hank Williams Saved My Life
(Cloudberry 7")
The Bridal Shop - Violation
(Cloudberry 7")
The Felt Tips - My Girlfriend Tried to Run Me Over
(Cloudberry 7")
The Arc Lamps - Wave of Sound
(Cloudberry EP)
The Firekites - Tears and Togetherness...
(Cloudberry EP)
The Hillfields - A Visit
(Cloudberry EP)
The Danny Says - Different Strategy
(Cloudberry EP)
Boy Genius - No Beginning
(Cloudberry EP)
Japan Air - Claire
(Cloudberry EP)
The Andersen Tapes - Smartypants
(Cloudberry EP)
Afternoon Naps - Can't Stop the Weather
(Cloudberry EP)
Puzzle - Everything You Ever
(Cloudberry EP)
The Parallelograms - 1-2-3 Go!
(Cloudberry EP)
The Sunny Street - Insull Memorial
(Cloudberry EP)
Postal Blue - Laughing and Crying
(Cloudberry EP)


Anonymous said...

that is the most bullshit list of elitism i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

no, i'm quite sure these are records...

Anonymous said...

I disagree with myself - and I love the list - what's elitist about a list of records one bought during a particular year?

are we all the same person?