Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snowflake In My Eye

It was snowing as I went out the doors of Retro half an hour ago. As I cycled home with the snow falling in a gentle wind, I realised I hadn't been outside while it's been snowing this winter. And I wasn't even freezing despite only wearing a t-shirt under my jacket. Because I'd just been to Daniel's post punk special of So Tough! So Cute!. I'd warmed up with Delta 5's singles comp before going to the pre-party and ST!SC! turned out to be great tonight. I got to hear some of my requests (White Night, Ipso Facto) and left just after he finally played Dislocation Dance ("Violette") and just before the rush to the wardrobe. Whilst cycling, I thought this is probably my last taste of clubbing for a while. Certainly in Malmö. It's sad I'm missing the surely amazing PENS gig Daniel is putting on (for which he gave me the flyer above). Might be their fist gig outside the UK even...I'm not sure.

What was quite hard to imagine though, was the extreme difference in weather circumstances between today and where I'll be just over two weeks from now. I continued cycling and longed to be home so I could play Two If By Sea's "Pale As White". As I entered my street I encountered a fresh coat of white and the trails from my tires were the first marks made upon it. Did I really deserve this honour, I thought?

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jennifer said...

That is a lovely image - your bike tires making the initial etchings in a fresh cover of snow. I am really hating snow right about now (the winter has gone on for far too long and the spring won't arrive until May probably) but it is often fun to walk or ride through brand new snow.

I hope you're able to find a bike in New Zealand, even temporarily! For now, this is us northerners (