Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dance to This, If You Can

The last Don't On My Doorstep night is approaching fast. We might be back sometime, somewhere after the summer but we're celebrating this as if it was the end, with an arguably exclusive guest set from my favourite pop clubs of England, Scotland, the US and Germany. They've all chosen one song each and these will be played some time between 11 and 12 pm. If you look, you'll probably just see me, but close your eyes and out of thin air John, Colin, Lynsey, Ian, Erik, Björn, Jennifer, Marion, Andreas and many others will materialise. The emperor's new DJs!

I've been listening to The Hermit Crabs' new ep Correspondence Course today. The first track is "About You Before" and I immediately wrote it down on my list of what to play on the 24th. "It's their best song so far!" I thought. Then the title track majestically enters with violin and acoustic guitars. After namedropping Lynyrd Skynyrd and This Mortal Coil, it quickly replaced "About You Before" on my list. But then "Turn the Clock Back" matches Camera Obscura's finest, and saddest moments. I reached for my pen again. But actually, the last track turned out to be my favourite Hermit Crabs song to date! A timeless pop song, and on the 24th I will help it replace "Eighties Fan" in the dance floor canon. With Matinée lighting the fuse, other labels are just canon fodder.

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