Friday, January 16, 2009

Heaven On the Ground

Most everything is ready for New Zealand now, just waiting for my visa to come through. I'll still be writing here, but it'll be Heaven Is Below Your Head instead. I'll have to figure out some sort of outlet for musical discoveries now that I won't have a club night. If nothing else, there will still be new songs on DDOMD's Myspace every month - I've already replaced the current mix with a new un that'll be up throughout February. As I will probably have more important things to consider that month. What's playing now:

Fantastic Everlasting Gobstopper - I Am a Kitten Songs For the Jetset: Supreme Edition comp, 1999
The Kittens Three - I'm Coming Apart At the Seams 45 a-side, 1966
The Kittens - I Love You So 45, 1960-62?
Finally Punk - The Place You Love Is Gone (Indian Giver) Hypertension EP, 2008
The Lil' Hospital - Kip Is a Dick Universe Sucks! EP, 2008
The Hard Times - Come to Your Window 45 a-side, 1966

Read the interesting story behind some of the tracks on Myspace! The mix is called Mr. Dieingly Sad after a tune by The Critters. In other news I never had time to write about the fantastic Dum Dum Girls ep before it sold out. We'll just have to wait for the upcoming single and ep then... The second Butcher Boy album is finally available from How Does It Feel to Be Loved?. Skatterbrain's and Pop Song Romance's respective pop compilations are also soon out / already available.


Arthit said...

Just got the new Butcher Boy CD from Ian HDIF on Monday. Another great album. My fave track is "A Better Ghost". Do you know the official release date? HDIF doesnt provide the info.

The Boy and the Cloud said...

sometime in april, according to HDIF.