Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mermaid Theatre

The world sometimes is cruel - like when it won't let you hear Niza for 23 years. Dear oh dear, Niza must be the best band on Spanish label Elefant. If they're not, then who? Not Camera Obscura, not Trembling Blue Stars, not even The School are this good. At least I know that Canciones de temporada is one of my favourite albums. That and two singles is all they left behind, which would have been enough for a considerable legacy had they been dated to 1968 (like you might think when you hear them) and not 1999-2002. The Elefant site compares their singer to Claudine Longet, and the resemblance is more than striking. If I loved Las Escarlatinas, Niza drives me out of my mind - or the exact opposite considering their breezy, acoustic bossa pop. Has there been a better Spanish band ever? It seems like they effortlessly recreate a sound √Čl struggled so many years to revive and that, more recently, Club 8 has laboured long and hard to finally get quite close to.

It's sometimes hard discovering Spanish indiepop bands. It's not like I thought "hmm... Niza, that's a great band name, I have to check them out". In fact I doubt it means anything at all. I'd be completely indifferent if someone told me the lyrics didn't either, but I think they do. Perhaps it's time I learned Spanish... What better reason could you find? If someone had played Niza to me in high school I would have ticked the box for 'Spanish' without the slightest of misgivings. I first heard the band on Elefant's Momentos perdidos compilation, which is an introduction to Spanish pop as good as any. At least if you can't get a mixtape from Roque! Maybe next time he won't forget them.

And please, please don't tell me there are more bands like this out there. I can't bear it.

CLOUD 86 Niza - Por las tardes


Anonymous said...

Ooh yes Niza were soooo great !
Such a pitty they stopped after one gorgeous perfect album.
But maybe that makes them all the more of a treasure !


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