Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now You Want Me In Your Indie Rock Band

What's this? Why, it's the final Don't Die On My Doorstep zine of course! I would have liked to call it a paper fanzine, but actually it's a paper and plastic fanzine. Printed in school on transparencies and 160g white paper. Perhaps this will give you a better idea:

The cover is actually a list of all the songs I've played at the club from January through to December last year (including "Don't Die On My Doorstep" by Felt of course). I thought it might be a good way to wrap things up, and it actually makes me feel proud just looking at the number of great songs I've managed to squeeze in. A good deal of them will probably have passed most the clientele by, but not me. This unusually large issue continues the summarising theme with a list of all the 12 nights and who played, or if perchance something else nice happened. There are the normal features of one current pop group (Wake the President this time) and one 60s group (The Rising Storm), but the most interesting page details the tracks chosen by various people to make up the imaginary guest dj set! I made a few extra this time, so hopefully I'll have a few left to make available on here. I should've remembered a transparency is quite difficult to fold, so now I have to find something really heavy to put them underneath. A guitar amp perhaps?


Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely amazing!
Wish I could buy a copy !


brogues said...

I'll happily PayPal you some pennies for a copy! Looks like a fine, fine item.

Matt said...

that looks beautiful!!!
wish i could get a copy

jennifer said...

Goodness me. What great effort you put into creating beautiful, one-off works of pop artistry. I truly hope your club attendees shower you with the praise you deserve for producing such special work and putting on such wonderful nights.