Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Raspberry Beret

If Vivian Girls is your favourite band then Rizzo will be your new old favourite band. Formed in LA in '95, they were about 13 years early. They would've fit in right in at The Smell, and what Dum Dum Girls and PENS do so well Rizzo perfected already on their lone 2001 album Phoning It In, released by the ever tasteful Sympathy For the Record Industry. It's easy to compare them to All Girl Summer Fun Band, but they're more of an all girl noise fun duo! The minimal instrumentation and two-part harmonies also make me think of Cub, but with their cuter elements replaced by drumming from hell and fuzz guitar that could've been sampled straight off of the Fizzbombs 12".

I first heard Rizzo when Nancy shared "Shymaster" with us, from the ep of that very same name, which she released on her Cher Doll label in 1998. I liked it of course, but it hadn't prepared me for the full onslaught of this album. Now I'm looking for that 7" as well, along with their Harriet split with Tullycraft.

CLOUD 88 Rizzo - Let It Ride


Anonymous said...

My favourite Rizzo song is "Allie" from the "something cool" compilation. That song is AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

There was a Tullycraft/Rizzo split 7”?

jennifer said...

Dig the backhanded comment about Sympathy...! Up until about 3 years ago, they took out full page ads in my favorite feminist pop culture magazine. It did not make for fun times on the bus when it looked like I was reading JUGS or something.

Anyway, this song makes me want to pick up a pair of drumsticks. She bangs the drums indeed!