Monday, January 26, 2009

Sister Hurricane

I just recevied my copy of the White Night 7" from Brogues. It first struck me how you can legally release a picture disc without a barcode or any release notes. But after re-reading Brogues' post, I managed to find the text in the runout-groove. NEW!004 of course means it's the fourth release on Paul Thomson's NEW! Records. If this is the label's latest release is a bit difficult to say as they don't have a website and there's next to no info about NEW! or White Night on the web.

Rough Trade's online shop says the 7" was released on the 26th of May last year, and as there were only 500 copies I can't imagine there are many left (certainly none at Rough Trade). It also says the group was formed for a birthday party in 2005 and included members of Franz Ferdinand and The Royal We. But when were the songs recorded? It's all a mystery.

If I'd heard this last year I can guarantee it would've landed higher than the Sexy Kids single in my top 15 of singles and eps. "Elevator", which was the only song I could find online (and which I played at DDOMD), actually turns out be topped by all the other three tracks, which are simply amazing. From the cute vocals and Fire Engines guitar-line of opener "Birthday", to the frenzied rhythms of "William", to the impeccably titled "Your Son (Live At the Jail)". Seeing as it's practically impossible to find this ep, I'll let you have one of the songs.

CLOUD 87 White Night - William


brogues said...

Glad it arrived and that you love it! There's a myspace page for NEW! here:

brogues said...

I meant to say...I saw 'Milk' last night (excellent film!) in which White Nights were mentioned:

I wonder if that's where the band got their name?