Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hi-Fi Love At a Lo-Fi Price

Have you seen more disappointed tigers than these? Well, let's talk some more about Knight School then. These kniggets are K Night, Chris Mess and El Gold. Now isn't that GREAT? Each song on their brand new album The Poor and Needy Need to Party starts off with an annoying CLICK, and after that it just gets worse: messy guitar sounds, what can only be called "drums", and no audible trace of mastering. And what's even better: it's all in mono! They combine old Myspace hits like "Vampire Schmampire" and "Crybaby" with some even better new songs like "Who the Fuck Hung the Moon" the long-awaited disclosure about "Mrs Tambourine Man". We tried playing them at DDOMD, but all you could hear was a distant hum resembling a melody underneath a terrible din. Yes, it IS great!

Lostmusic actually deals us a double blow, by also releasing this polished polar opposite to the Knight School album. If there are three bands out there today that sound a lot like each other it's Philippino hit-machine Moscow Olympics, ever newsworthy The Morning Paper from Sweden and Brooklyn's POBPAH-affiliated The Depreciation Guild. The first two are on Lostmusic's first split-7". The third has an album that you can download for free and have plans for a new release this year. LMR004 features one song each by The Morning Paper and Moscow Olympics, and they're both exclusive. In fact, you can listen to the whole thing here. TMP also have an upcoming release of their album What We Wish in the Philippines (it was released in Japan last year).


Trev Lostmusic said...

Thanks for the mentions. As for Knight School and the CLICK - I am sure the this is only on 128K low bitrate version! The proper record is still full of lo-fi goodness - but minus the click! ;-)

The Boy and the Cloud said...

that's too bad... HOW will i able to listen to it now?

Jun Eric said...

Im eagerly awaiting TMP to be released here Kris. I think it will have an additional track exclusive ONLY on that Philippine release. Great way to start the year also from Trev & Tom. We're anticipating more. =)