Thursday, February 5, 2009


I couldn't wait til I get to New Zealand, I had to have an outlet for music now. So I've decided to do a proper podcast this time, which should be registered with iTunes soon. This was partly inspired by the wonderful I Smiled Yesterday series, of which the 6th instalment should by up at Slumberland HQ any time. The HIAYH podcast carries on from #, and NOW, #1 is here! There's no concept beyond the spectrum of styles, which will be the same as at Don't Die On My Doorstep. How do I pick the songs then? Well, I always keep a list of songs that I hear and think "I have to do something with this song!". So every time that list reaches 50-60 minutes worth of music there will be a new podcast. If I get to do a radio show in Auckland, the podcast will simply be aired on FM radio in addition to being a digital download. Here's what's on #1.

To subscribe to the podcast, use the link in the sidebar. Or download the file from the link above if you don't want to subscribe.


kidfrostbite said...

downloading now - what a tracklist!

brogues said...

Crackin' podcast, sir! I'd forgotten just how amazing 'Presence' is and that Dum Dum Girls track is just indecently great. Your voice sounds a little like Mark Cousins! Takes me back to Sunday night on BBC2 watching Moviedrome presentations :)

Annika said...

ive listened to this podcast a couple of times now, once on the train from paris to london and another time on my flight back home. good one. allt väl i nya zeeland?