Sunday, February 22, 2009

Painting the Day

I went to my first gig in Auckland yesterday. Fabulous Japanese duo Tenniscoats visited, and blinded me with an even more beautiful set than at Triptych two years ago (where they also played together with The Pastels). The collaborative album still isn't out but apparently there's a new Tenniscoats album called Temporacha, which Mark Parallelogram picked up at the gig. I would've done the same if I had a job! It was nice to meet someone for the UK and it seems he's enjoying himself as much as I am.

Rachel Shearer supported them and the whole thing was at Cross Street Studios, a kinda Stereo/Mono place (Cross Street particularly reminds me of the dodgy side lane Stereo is on). Great to see a band like Tenniscoats can pull a decent crowd in Auckland!

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