Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why Am I So Beautiful?

I'd been completely oblivious to the fact that Joseph Losey made a film of Modesty Blaise in 1966 until a few weeks ago. It has to be one of my favourite films now, with Monica Vitti as Modesty (with an almost unbearable Italian accent) and Dirk Bogarde as the marvellously atrocious Gabriel. Anyway, the reason for this post is that there are now almost as many CLOUDs posted here as there were DROPs at The Rain Fell Down, and that should be reason enough to review the top ten. The last round-up was in June last year, and among the songs posted since then these are the ten most appealing artists.

1. Remember Fun
2. Hurrah!
3. Niza
4. The Motifs
5. Las Escarlatinas
6. The Wild Poppies / Cocoanut Groove / The Someloves
7. Honeycrash
8. The Carrots
9. James Dean Driving Experience
10. Aventuras de Kirlian

Remember Fun wins by quite a margin, as did Series Two in the label category of the TweeNet poll. But I doubt any ex-RF members have downloaded away to their hearts' content to tip the votes! The Matinée fanclub poll results are now published as well.

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Matt said...

I wish so badly that I had that Honeycrash single.