Friday, February 20, 2009

Pop Factory On Strike

Quite a catch, eh? (The last one is not a cd, it's my bed.) Especially so since it's all from the $1 bins of Real Groovy - probably Auckland's biggest record store and also the one with the most extensive section of second hand vinyl. I didn't really find much of note (or at a decent price) among the lps, but as I started browsing the cheapo cds I first found The Gentle Waves' first album, that I've put off buying for about 8 years, and then Looper's Geometrid which I've considered for nearly as long. The Belle & Sebastian thread continued when I found Rough Trade's Colours Are Brighter set of childrens' tunes, to which the Scots contributed "The Monkeys Are Breaking Out of the Zoo". So that was pretty good, all that for roughly £1!

But then I found the original of Brittle Stars' self-titled album, and I nearly cried out loud. Had I found the Castaway Stones cd as well I would have fainted I tell you! I didn't, but instead found The Heartworms' brilliant During. This is by far the best bargain I've ever made.


alex said...

Excellent finds! On my first visit to Auckland last year, I found a Boyracer album and a Denim EP in the Real Groovy bargain bin - such bounty!

How are you enjoying NZ so far?

Josh Tam said...

I am not a fan of Boyracer albums, but I must admit, they're kinda nice.