Friday, February 27, 2009

Heard For Stolen Ears

I hope you're all going to Foolin' Around tonight - at least if you're in Glasgow. There's already a second event booked, based on the certain success of tonight's Liechtenstein gig at Stereo! This is the poster for the April event, sporting two of Australia's most interesting acts at the moment - The Crayon Fields and The Motifs. There'll be some fantastic local support acts as well, but they're yet to be confirmed I think. The background is of course adapted from Man Ray's The Kiss (1930). I'm really glad I could help out with this since I failed to get them a gig in Malmö.

If you make it down tonight you'll also have the chance to pick up a cheap copy of Liechtenstein's new ep Everything's For Sale (Drill Building). If not, you'll have to order it all the way from Swedish Fraction Discs!

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