Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Wish I Wasn't a Flexi Disc

Bobsy was kind enough to send me a rip of The Enormous Room's only vinyl release, a 1986 12" on Sharp - "a label owned by the mighty Peter Sharp who ran a supermarket in Peterborough and liked good music". The Enormous Room were from Watford and Mark told me he failed an audition for them before he joined The Mayfields! Before this I'd only heard their Medium Cool flexi "I Don't Need You" from earlier in the same year. That's a great track, but it's the second song on the flexi (also on the 12") that sets the tone for the more sombre four songs here. Here's the titletrack, with some fantastic jangle. You can find the flexi over here.

CLOUD 89 The Enormous Room - 1000 Different Words

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