Tuesday, December 4, 2007

She Was a Mau Mau

Yes it's true, the Masonic machine will be turning you on in Copenhagen this Friday! The garage legends are playing Club Mau Mau and Johanna from Club Flipslide in Malmö has been endowed with the honour of playing records. The three members of The Masonics have been in most every garage band of note in the UK since the days of the Pop Rivets and The Milkshakes. Apart from the bulk of Billy Childish's bands, they've been in The Wildebeest, The Bristols, Thee Headcoatees just to name a few. Mickey Hampshire actually lives together with Ludella Black and plays on both the Mickey & Ludella album and her solo records. Here is the opening track of The Masonic Machine Turns On You from 2002, the best of the two albums I have. You should also check out the cool new sounds on MySpace, cut at the vintage equipment studio Circo Perotti in Italy.
This means I'm going to miss Scout Niblett's gig in Malmö, whether or not she's in good health... But The Castanets won't be supporting her that night, which at least makes it a somewhat smaller loss. Playing tomorrow in Malmö, are Glasgow's favourite sons 1990s, fronted by 'songstress' (as the writers on the venue's site call him!) John Mckeown from The Yummy Fur, which is not to be missed either by any self-respecting connoisseur of brainless riffs.

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