Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eleanor's Cake That Ate Her

Is a song by Kevin Ayers, about 60s girlgroup The Cake, which I can't wait to hear after listening to Rev-Ola's double-reissue of their two albums. More of the Cake finally arrived in the mail today, after my Cherry Red order having disappeared in the black hole of Royal Mail twice. I originally ordered it when it came out in August, but it definitely suits the dark season better, with its blend of ominous psych-pop and swinging r'n'b, flavoured with English folk melodies. The story of The Cake is not unlike that of fictive group The Carrie Nations - formed in 1966 by three teenage girls (one of them sadly died in 1980), who wrote their own material. The albums came out in 1968 and '69 and although called the last proper girlgroup, The Cake only have two songs in that vein really. Just listen to the baroque sounds of "Fire Fly", and there are more songs on their self-made MySpace page. Then buy the cd and let it monopolise your listening time over the holiday!

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