Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Cherry Christmas!

Martin just sent me the new A Smile and a Ribbon tunes, and one of them is the best they've done so far! I might be spoiling you, but here it is. It's on the wonderful compilation A Very Cherry Christmas Vol. 3 from Cherryade, which you must get as it also includes songs from The Bobby McGees, The Deirdres and MJ Hibbett! And if you can't get enough of them sleigh-bells, here are some other seasonal songs you should listen to, including the fist ever Rose Melberg & Gregory Webster recording (covering The Ramones)! Only Joe Kane's "The Guy In the Grotto" is from last year, but he's just put it up on MySpace. He used to be in The Owsley Sunshine, remember?

CLOUD 29 A Smile and a Ribbon - Heavenly Christmas

Rose & Greg - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight), from WIAIWYA.com

Pocketbooks - Christmas In Your Sights, from Emma's lovely blog Quick As Rainbows

Only Joe Kane - The Guy In the Grotto, download here.

The School - Kiss You In the Snow, dowload here.

The School - Let Me Be the Fairy On Your Christmas Tree, listen here.

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