Monday, December 10, 2007

A Honeymoon Gone Well

On Our Honeymoon was a great success last night and The Felt Tips flew home with kronor notes sticking out of their pockets! And a bunch of wee girls on their ever-growing list of admirers. All that bearing in mind that they unleashed their naughtiest lyric so far on the unknowing Swedish audience! It was great hanging out with Andrew (pictured), Neil, Roy and Miguel and they should be as pleased with the night as the On Our Honeymoon guys seemed to be. I had a great time playing records, as I stuck to stuff I'd just recently (and I mean one or two weeks) fallen for. The For Ex-Lovers Only track is definitely the best song in this set, I think, and if you don't check them out NOW you'll live to regret it. Or maybe not even that.

The Loves – She'll Break Your Heart
The Cake – World of Dreams
Catwalk – I Think Too Much
The Hillfields – Spoon
All My Friends – Up and Down the River
The Magic Shop – It's True
#Poundsign# - Walking and Talking
The Delmonas – He Tells Me He Loves
The Masonics – No Desire For Revenge
Christine Pilzer – Ils pataugent
Bad Dream Fancy Dress – Kick In the Teeth
Chin Chin – Never Surrender
Tibi Lubin – Romany Rye
We the People – Alfred, What Kind of Man Are You?
Bubblegum Lemonade – That Thing You Do
The Manhattan Love Suicides – Head Over Heels
The Cookies – I Wanna Boy For My Birthday
Clothilde – Fallait pas écraser le queue du chat
Laura Watling – It’s All I Can Do
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Transparent Day
The Visitors – I Remember
Billy Nicholls – London Social Degree
Adèle – Jái peur parfois
The Yellow Balloon – Springtime Girl
The Volutary Butler Scheme – Laundry
The Airfields – Yr So Wonderful
Bright Coloured Lights – Leave You Behind
Rocketship – Your New Boyfriend
Majestic – Nyra and Michelle
The Lucksmiths – Up
The Jazz Butcher – Soul Happy Hour
The Pinefox – Her Lost Polo
Wake the President – Remember Fun?
The Left Banke – I've Got Something On My Mind
The Clouds – Jenny Nowhere
Horowitz – Hug Target
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – This Love Is Fucking Right!
The Bristols – True True Lovin'
Jan & Dean – She's My Summer Girl
The Groove Farm – It Always Rains On Sunday
Maria – Friends Forever
The Jaywalkers – (You Can’t Be) Happy All the Time
The Big Gun – Heard About Love
Dolly Mixture – Will He Kiss Me Tonight
Miss Ludella Black – Is It True
Liberty Belles – Shing-a-ling Time
Lynn Redgrave – While I'm Still Young
Strawberry Story – Freight Train
The Royal We – All the Rage
Komon – Poetry For the Winter
The Autocollants – Butterscotch
Tullycraft – The Punks Are Writing Love Songs
For Ex-Lovers Only – Mindy le Findy
Pants Yell! – Magenta and Green

Well, at least I managed to squeeze two Sha-La-La tracks in there!


Daniel Novakovic said...

Vart var det här?

The Boy and the Cloud said...

on our honeymoon is in gothenburg of course!


Daniel Novakovic said...

Ah ok. Never heard of it :/

lostmusic said...

Nice to see The Manhattans - Head Over Heels in there. People can still buy the single from :-)


Matt said...

the incredibleness of mindy le findy cannot even be expressed in words. i love for ex-lovers only so much! its awesome to see them making it across the ocean! :)

roboyd90 said...

hi - contact us via - a full recorded version of spoon will be available soon together with our single on cloudberry records. we'll keep you posted if you like

rob hillfield

Anonymous said...

beautiful...but how can i download this?Any way there?
Best and thank you.