Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Night In a Another City

Oh, I forgot to tell you about going to see The Sunny Street at Indigo in Lund! As you can see, Remi had a very nice new Danelectro, though it did drop out sometimes... They seem to always have problems with the sound, but they did an endearing set anyway with some new tunes thrown in. It was very quiet, so lucky for them they played early - before the bulk of the drunk students had arrived.

On another Friday night we went over to Copenhagen and the cool Club Mau Mau, where our friends were playing records. The support band for The Masonics was a pleasant surprise indeed. The Phantom Pillow (may the name have anything to do with this guy's Vox copy?) from Denmark is a brand new garage group who were actually doing their very first gig. They went down really well with crowd, with their extrovert female singer, inspired covers ("Going All the Way" by The Squires!) and rocking originals. The Masonics gig was probably the best thing I've seen this year - they had such an aura about them. In the middle of their set, I was quite shocked when they invited Miss Ludella Black on stage, to sing on some tunes!

I'd seen her by the merchandise table earlier and thought she looked like Ludella. It definitely hadn't been announced that she would be on stage too! And it was cool just watching her dance in the crowd during the first part of the set. On stage, she contributed to some of the best songs of the set, like a version of "Why Don't You Smile" and the new 7" (split between her and The Masonics) which was the loudest song of the night.

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