Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Hear a New World

Finally, I think I've managed to track down all the Castaway Stones songs out there. The last one was their cover of Pamela Blue's "My Friend Bobby", which can be found on this green split-7" with Electrocope. It's a tribute to Geoff Goddard who worked closely with British producer Joe Meek in the 60s. Glasgow's Electroscope were helped out by the Mount Vernon Arts Lab on their rendition of "Skymen", which was also performed and not olny written (like "My Friend Bobby") by Goddard. He seems to be an intriguing character, so let's hope his own recordings are reissued some day! The Pamela Blue original is available on Let's Go! Joe Meek's Girls and this split-single is still stocked by a few mailorders (like Norman, where I got mine).

Pam sings on the Castaway Stones side, of course, and it's no lie to go as far as calling it their best recording ever, certainly inspired by Meek's sound in the production. I couldn't think of a better Christmas present to give you than this:

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