Wednesday, December 19, 2007

COIR 003: Smashing Times At Metro!

If you've stayed up to date with Don't Die On My Doorstep on MySpace (which you probably haven't) you may have noted some significant changes. First of all we're moving to a new venue for January, which is due to several very boring reasons. It's definitely for the better though: free entry, Saturday dates and more dancing! Our first date is the 26th of January, and to celebrate we're giving you the bestest POP disco in town. Smashing Time will be screened on repeat, there'll be badges and fanzines and if you turn up early enough you'll get a chance to grab a copy of the exclusive Cloudberry release Nothing Matters When We're Dancing! Check it out on Cloudberry's site if you don't believe it: an indiepop compilation ep only available at Don't Die On My Doorstep and our esteemed friends Twee As Fuck and Spiral Scratch in London town. Playing records this night will be me and Elin (A Smile and a Ribbon's best kept secret).

In March we're hoping to present an intimate performance from Glenn Melia (St. Christopher), in conjunction with On Our Honeymoon in Gothenburg, but more news about that next year! We might even have something coming up in February...

And just one more thing - if you haven't overdosed on Christmas Indie yet you HAVE to get "Wombling Merry Christmas" from here. As far as I know it's the first song from The Voluntary Butler Scheme available for download. Rob's unloved, extra-curricular (forgive the pun) activities are recent favourites, and I'm hoping for a grand release next year. 2008 might just be Cardiff's big year, with albums from The School and The Loves speaking for it.

Also from Wales, The Hepburns are coming to Sweden! Well, just Matt really, accompanied by members of Testbild!. They're playing at Galleri Krets on Friday together with labelmate Anthony Rochester. Indiepop legends as they are, The Hepburns have been on the scene for about 20 years, with their latest effort out this very year! Here's the first track off of Something Worth Stealing. See you there.

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