Friday, March 6, 2009

Flattery In the Cattery

So the show I did for Dublab is now in the archives and can be listened to at any time - for those of you who were not up for messing with the Dubstream. Thanks Marion! I've updated that post as well.

I've been introduced to some Auckland bands massively deserving of a mention here since I arrived, mainly thanks to Alex, Alexis and Chris. Cat!Cat!Cat! were a relatively short-lived three-piece who only released one great minialbum (in 2004). I haven't found it yet, but the songs I've heard suggest greatness. Wildwood Lights is another band I've come across. Until I get to see them next month, all I have are verbal reports though (e.g. Markie comparing them to Slow Down Tallahassee!). No songs here at the moment since they are recording.

Best by about *this* much however, are the The Gladeyes. There are two of these cool ladies, and I just had the pleasure of meeting them - at their self-proposed Carpenters tribute night at D.O.C yesterday. They were just playing records but managed to delight my ears with some Vivian Girls, Slumber Party and The Rondelles! Chris has written a good deal about them at his Among the Aisles blog. They did a Cloudberry 3" last year that I never picked up cause I didn't have a clue as to who they were. "Your Address" will make you regret it, but too late, it's long gone! But they said they still have a few of the cd that Chris mentions though, so if you're quick... Chris mentioned a likeness to The Softies, which is about the best review you can get ("Sounds like The Softies" - what more do you need?), but actually they remind me a lot more of Strawberry Fair. Just listen to "Bad Town Blues" here.

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