Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heaven Is Above Your Club

While we're waiting for Chris' Jonathan Richman tribute night to happen I decided to turn my radio show into a mini club night. Yes - I got the 9-11 pm slot on Saturdays! I did a show yesterday and I'm supposed to do it weekly, but the next one won't be for another 3-4 weeks for various reasons.

So apart from recording HIAYH#4 in the first hour, we had our own little club night in there, with 8 people in the studio! As there's no show after mine, we got in a good 1½ hours of cracking tunes. I recorded the whole thing on my mp3-player, but unfortunately it ended up too loud and distorted. But even if you can't hear it, I'll be posting the setlist on the DDOMD myspace soon as I've got all the specifics from Chris and Mark, who helped out with the DJing!

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