Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fair's Fair

On Saturday I got on a bus out to Kingsland for a record fair, with JAMC's Automatic in my earphones - I thought that was funny cause it's the kind of record you'd normally find at record fairs. I got off on Sandringham Road and walked to Ethel Street. Once inside the big warehouse where it was held I met Chris, Alexis, Mark and Emily who'd already been there for a while. I started looking through some boxes of 45s next to me and it turned out that was the best stall at the fair. I didn't really look at lps, cause I didn't want to buy any. Chris found a (second) copy of Lazy Ways though! In those two boxes that I spent most of my time carefully browsing through, there were lots of great 60s singles. They'd all seen their best days, but for $1 each you can't really complain. I bought ten, one of them was the Beau Brummels one you see above - never seen one of their singles before! You can see the rest of them, along with some more photos from the event here. Some of the unexpected finds was The Soup Dragons' "Whole Wide World" 12", which inspired the title of this post.

sea lions - let's groove
When I got home, I played them on Andy and Emily's old player in the next room. It's not really a record player, it's one of those fake vintage machines (with built-in tape and cd players...!). The crackly vinyl sounded great through its tiny speakers though. I also gave my new Sea Lions ep a spin. I'd ordered it months ago, but apparently YAY! didn't get them in until just recently. It's probably the best thing on the label so far, and it'll turn up in the next podcast (already recorded).


Matt said...

i'd say its my second favorite thing yay! has released. it's quite fantastic, but i think catwalk's second single is still #1 for me!

shelflife said...

I love that Sea Lions single. I may need to order another copy as I'm wearing mine out already.