Monday, November 17, 2008

Coming Into Town Like the Last Train is an internet radio station based in Los Angeles, which I first heard about a year ago when Bobby Wratten recorded some acoustic session tracks for one of their shows. Marion runs a show called Not Quite Punk, and also plays records at the Hungry Beat! club night. For next month she's planning a themestream full of indiepop. I've made an hour-long show for this and it'll also be aired on the regular stream as soon as possible - I'll let you know when. (!)

You can see what it's called and the music it includes above. It's about certain strands of LOUD guitarpop and how bands have influenced each other across the Atlantic - as you can see all the bands are from the UK or the US. Probably nothing for people who create sites like this abomination... But if you're in Boyracer, this is totally your bag.

The reason I've added a poundsign without a number is that I'm hoping to do some more radio in the near future, so look out for #1! I've scouted out a student radio station in Auckland, so we'll see if they reckon they need an indiepop show.


brogues said...

Ah...I'll always remember with fondness that night in Metro when you were asked by the management to turn down 'Losing Your Grip'. Good work, sir!

Brilliant mix, too!

Marion said...

That track listing looks truly great, and I can't wait to sit down and listen to the mix. I'm just begining to edit sessions over there so hopefully I will be editing this session, and we'll have it online very soon. I'll let you know as soon as possible. Nice to see Finally Punk represented on the mix as well! They were definitely my biggest highlight from South by Southwest this year.

Anonymous said...