Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is the second podcast, which aired on Fleet FM last night (cause I'd gotten the time wrong - am instead of pm!). I managed to record everything onto my music player, however it only does 128kbit wma files so I had to re-encode them to mp3. Still better than the 64kbit stream though! It was a total treat doing a proper radio show again. After watching the end of the NZ vs. India cricket game, Florence went off to a party and I went to Fleet. But I had so much fun - dancing in the darkened studio, singing and clapping along (I left the mic on accidentally a few times but fortunately you can't hear me) all on my own. If I get to do the same slot again I am so going to get everyone I know to come along, as the room is perfect for a party / club night kind of thing.

As it was a two-hour show i did both #2 and #3 at the same time, but I'm just posting the second episode for now. I've had trouble getting access to the server the feed is on, so for now you'll have to get it from here. Hopefully it will be in the feed by the time the next episode comes up. And I've been informed by someone with authority on the matter that The Fourmyula were actually called just Fourmyula. So now you know.


victor noir said...

ha, those are the songs i always pick form wyld things 2. well, those and the ray columbus track too.

Charlie said...

Hello! Thanks for playing us in your podcast :)

/Charlie (bears)

jennifer said...

I think I heard you clapping at the beginning of 'If You Don't Pull.' :-)