Friday, March 6, 2009

The Short and Sick of It

Been trying to keep up with the indiepop tide here today. First of all, I must join in the praise of forgotten geniuses Endless Bob Brown! Originally it was Stevie who posted some songs his friend had sent him. Then more songs followed, and still more. I really dig the post titles as well (being someone who really appreciates a good title now and again!) Word got around and soon both Brogues and Ed had raved about them. Nothing can stop them now! Let's see... a cd retrospective in another 15 years isn't too much to hope for, I reckon?

I Wish I Was a Flexi Disc has posted the flexi I've been most eager to hear for the last two years: The Big Gun sharing some plastic with Butcher Boy's Basil Pieroni! Out on their own label Hi-Fibre in 1986, where it was soon followed by Big Gun's double a-side "Heard About Love". Tell Keith if you see him! Both tracks are great so you've nothing to be ashamed of...

Meanwhile, Stephen has been busy uploading the complete Bulldozer Crash catalog - including an unreleased ep! Do we need to say we're stoked? There's an interview in there as well, for those staying for the pudding.

I feel I need to share an indiepop treat myself, if only to keep up with the Stevies. The intended 1989 album by The Motorcycle Boy called Scarlet was never released by Chrysalis and there's yet to be a MB retrospective cd - although some people are trying. Here's the fantastic, jangling titletrack - of which you might already have heard the Peel Session version, ripped from some 1987 vintage magnetic tape. If you like it, it's not too hard to find the complete album online.

CLOUD 90 The Motorcycle Boy - Scarlet

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