Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fleeting Moments

I might do a radio show at this place instead, now based above a ghost café on Symonds Street. Me and Chris participated in Alex's weekly show today, and it seemed cool. Their broadcasting range is only about 2 km, but you can get it online of course. And it's easy to just record the show and make a podcast out of it, which suits me perfectly. We didn't today, cause one of the workstations wasn't working. But here's what I played anyway - in no particular disorder:

Reserve - Postcard From Paradise
Nalda - This Love Is Not Wrong
Fabienne Delsol - There Are Some
The Castaway Stones - Brazil
Devine & Statton - Ugly Town
Skywave - Summertime
The Thanes - I'll Keep My Pride
Lois - Strumpet
The Shapiros - Do You Know

As you can see (or perhaps not) there are two Poets covers in there, and one Field Mice cover.

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