Saturday, February 2, 2008

Something Worth Watching

I just saw these recordings from when Welshman Matt Jones and Tasmanian Anthony Rochester played at Krets in Malmö, and they're definitely worth watching. They have everything from blatant product placing to a drunk guy obscuring part of the frame! And you can just about make me out in the pan in this first shot.

That was Matt playing a Hepburns tune, a new one I think. Another new tune, called "The Help" is now playing here. Their latest album is last year's Something Worth Stealing available from Radio Khartoum. And here is a shot of Anthony, which is even more hilarious!

His latest record does not cost 600 SEK in fact. But it was a pre-press that is now sold out. Luckily you can still get Music For Librarians for the small sum of $12 from here.

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