Friday, February 29, 2008

Stop Before You Say It

I played some records last night, at the uni club Klubb K3. Unlike last time I thought I'd play only 60s stuff and drink only red wine. I did both, and it was fun even though the turnout was a bit poor. But the best thing of the whole night was getting to play The Evil and Golden Dawn through big speakers (and no, I don't mean The Golden Dawn)! The downside was missing American Music Club who were playing just next door. I met a friend afterwards who said they'd played some of the old (as in good) stuff, so it might actually have been worth the 12 quid. Anyway, here's what was heard this side of the sadcore wall:

Set one
The Wolves – At the Club

Julie Grant – (Baby Baby) I Still Love You
October Sky – Cowboys and Indians
The Precious Few – Young Girl
Glenda Collins – Baby It Hurts
Diane Castle - My Heart Belongs to a Devil of a Boy
Dobie Gray – The 'In' Crowd
Eternity's Children – The Other Side of Me
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy – Dark On You Now
The Novas – And It's Time
The Beatle-Ettes – Only Seventeen
The Exciters – Blowing Up My Mind
Tawney Reed – You Can't Take It Away

Set two
The Avengers – Be a Caveman

The Evil – I'm Movin' On
The Brogues – Don't Shoot Me Down
The Girls – My Love
Golden Dawn – My Time
Faine Jade – Can't Get You Out of My Heart
The Sorrows – My Gal
The Smoke – High In a Room
The Kingsmen – Killer Joe
The Mourning Reign – Our Fate
The Black Diamonds – I Want, Need, Love You
Pulsating Heartbeats - Anne

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