Friday, February 8, 2008

COIR 004: Down With Fun!

It's about time I announced the details for our next club night, which is only two weeks away now! We're continuing at Metro and this time the guest-dj is a boy called Nils-Martin. I wanted to involve him in the club from the very start, but he ran off to Australia and just came back in fact! Unknowingly, my planning has taken a bit of a 'down under' turn for the February night. Apart from the chance of hearing elusive Australian pop hits from the likes of The Rainyard and The Summer Suns, we're screening the Munch video compilations, released by Australian label Season. So come along and giggle at the super twee "Our Love Is Heavenly" or the pastel bridges in "Throw Aggi Off the Bridge". And as usual it is free, like McCarthy said their LPs should be.


Anonymous said...


I've been trying to get hold of a copy of the Munch comp for ages. do you know if anybody could do me a copy of this? I'd be really grateful if anyone could help me out and would happily pay what it's costs.


The Boy and the Cloud said...

hey richard!
why don't you drop me at line at the address in sidebar?