Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sloopy's Gonna Hang On

One of the best bands I've discovered recently, is the not so recent Pussywillows. These three NY garage girls are much more than Palm Sunday decorations - an American counterpart to The Delmonas is the best description I can think of. One of them, Elinor Blake, was later to become famous as April March after a stint in The Shitbirds. April March has released several records now, all excellent, so it's a shame there are so few recordings by her first band! The only release is the Spring Fever! 12" from 1988, that kicks off with "The Boat That I Row" written by Neil Diamond and made popular by Lulu. The ep continues with covers of girlgroup obscurities by The Coupons, The Short-Cuts, Carol Connors and The Cinderellas as well as a Kinks cover. I'm not sure if "Everyone Will Know" is a cover?


Outcognito said...

What a lovely track!

brogues said...

Hey ... if my memory serves me well The Pussywillows are to be heard providing backing vocals on Yo La Tengo's wonderful 'Fakebook' set ... divine!


ally. said...

this is just fabulous sweetie - i've been playing it to pieces

L said...

Love these gals. THanks for the inside story on them. You're right - shame they didn't record more.