Saturday, February 2, 2008

Too Drunk to Dance

A common occurrence at the Indigo Club in Lund. Last night was no exception, when Momus performed and Daniel and Marcus provided for a packed dancefloor. All I needed was "Ever and Always" by Snowbirds to make my day though! Sometimes Daniel needs a "grab by collar" as we say in Sweden. Such big hands you've got, Johan!
When Nick Currie first appeared in the room we were dancing to "Lovesick" by Orange Juice and we could see him humming along. After the show, Daniel threw on "I Hate Scotland" by ballboy even though it's about as danceable as early Arab Strap. Momus' performance was everything I could have hoped - it's a very rare talent to be able to capture the attention of an audience, alone on a stage in front of a gang of drunk students with only an iPod between you and certain death. And he's still quite handsome.
Before going to Lund I popped in at Vinylbaren, where The Branded were throwing a release party for their second 45, out now on Dirty Water Records. It's called "You've Got the Hurt" and is an excellent piece of trashy garage/r'n'b. Here's Lee proudly playing his newly purchased (vintage of course) Höfner.

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