Monday, February 25, 2008

It's the NOW Sound!

Apart from the Shelflife and Simulacra parcels, the last one was from Slumberland (yay!). I couldn't resist the deal of getting the first two instalments of Searching For the Now for a mere $7. It's a new series of split-singles that will later be compiled on a cd - but hey, I know you crave those marbled vinyls... They also came with a cute 'i'm searching for the now' badge! The most important reason to get them is The Hermit Crabs' new offering "Flaxen-Haired Boy" which is quirky and great as usual. #1 is all Scottish with The Company's glam stomper "Join the Dots" on the other side. The Company is Roy Moller and pals like Stevie Jackson lending him a hand (with clapping that is). #2 has a song from Bye!, Archie Moore's new project (being decorated above for his past services in Black Tambourine, Velocity Girl, The Saturday People and Heartworms just to name a few - his production credits are endless). It's called "Oh No, Baby Don't" and you can download it here. There seems to be quite a bit of old-school Slumberland action going around, what with the Julie Ocean album coming out soon and all. The flip to the bye-side is the one song that is not essential - it's a great tune of course, but the 'acoustic version' of "Song For the Troubadour" by The Happy Couple is already included on their Happy Times & Petty Crimes compilation where it is labelled 'Stanstead version'. But maybe you forgot to buy that compilation?

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jb said...

hey, Kris: Pamela Berry told me that she sang on the new Archie Moore record - not sure what name it's under, but that ought to up its value in any case.