Saturday, February 2, 2008

They'll Use Evil

As I mentioned The Delmonas in connection to The Pussywillows, I remembered I was going to post something by my favourite female garage group. The Delmonas were to The Milkshakes what Thee Headcoatees were to Thee Headcoats. Three of their girlfriends sang backing vocals for them, so they decided to switch the backing and fronting roles for a new group. The Delmonas were Sarah, Hilary and Louise backed by Billy Childish and Mickey Hampshire amongst others. They released three albums, but Dangerous Charms from 1985 - the first one - is only one that includes all three members. Here is a rendition the Goffin/King number "Chains", previously recorded by e.g. The Cookies.


Outcognito said...

What a great version! Superb clattety pop! Gorgeous!

ally. said...

cor what a cracker - never heard of them but i'll be after those lps now and no mistake

martijn said...

While I'm downloading this one, have you ever heard of the Plommons, Chris? They were a Swedish 60s girl group and one of their songs, "Last Train to Liverpool", appears on one of the Girls in the Garage-comps. Do you know anything else by/about them?